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Twin Peaks - San Francisco

See the stunning view of the City from the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. Twin Peaks Boulevard circles both hills near their summits and there is a designated parking area for viewing the incomparable panoramic sight of San Francisco in all its splendid glory. Whether it is during the day and you see across the peninsula to the East Bay and the top of Mt Diablo, or it is at night and you see the sparkle and glitter of a thousand lights in all directions, there are few cities in the world that can offer such a magnificent vista. Parkland surrounds the tops of these two almost identical 'peaks'.

Originally called El Pecho de la Chola or 'Bosom of the Indian Girl' by the Spanish explorers, this observation point is well worth the visit. And for the few willing to climb the steep footpath to the summit your 360 degree view will also offer you the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side from the City. But pick a clear day, as the dense fog frequents the upper heights from the Ocean view side before it descends and smothers the City in a dense marine layer of mist and cloud. Locals refer to the famous San Francisco Fog as nature's air conditioning, and its chill keeps the City cool while the surrounding Bay Area swelters in summer heat.

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