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Musée Mécanique Penny Arcade

Mission District Attractions

Edward Galland Zelinsky founded the Musée Mécanique Penny Arcade, an historical collection of more than 300 antique amusements. With his clever financial decisions at the young age of 11, Zelinsky was able to take winning a prize of motor oil and sell it to purchase his first penny skill game. This led to his grand collection of games, amusements and other antique items that are now on display and some can even still be played.

Dan Zelinsky, the son of Edward Gallas Zelinsky, is now the proud owner of the Musée Mécanique Penny Arcade that features many of the antique toys for all ages that have delighted generations. The entrance to the Arcade faces the bay in what can be described as an old warehouse, but don’t let that deter you from the delights inside.

Entrance is free, but be sure to bring some change, especially quarters, as most of the working games now cost from $0.25 to $0.75 to play, but are well worth the amusements they provide. There are also change machines available onsite. Be sure to read all of the instructions on the machines before you put your money in, as most require interaction and you don’t want to miss out!

Location: Pier 45 Shed A (at the end of Taylor Street), Fisherman’s Wharf or see more on the website.